Conversation Tips For Business

Published: 09th March 2005
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If you are searching for a way to improve your

communication skills at work and in your personal life,

here are some conversation tips that will give you a good

starting point.

Your personal and business environments may be very

different, but the skills needed to communicate effectively

are basically the same.

If you are attentive, informed, and a great listener, you

can start a conversation with almost anyone in any


1. If you need to improve your conversational skills in the

workplace, look around at those who seem to continually

advance in their profession.

Notice how they speak with other employees, from the CEO to

the janitor. A friendly smile, a firm handshake, and a

confident attitude are generally common factors among those

who are quickly moving up the corporate ladder.

By making a conscious effort to speak with everyone you

encounter and displaying a friendly, self-assured attitude,

you will project a successful image and make lasting

impressions upon co-workers.

2. Your personal life is no different in that a positive

outlook and friendly disposition will go a long way in

improving your relationships with friends and family


Everyone you encounter, from your spouse to the clerk at

your local convenience store will appreciate and respond

favorably to a kind word and a smiling face.

By paying attention to the interests and activities of

others, you will never lack for conversation. Ask about the

other person's day, future plans, or any subject that you

know is of interest to them.

You can easily converse with everyone you meet if you

listen carefully and make a real effort to project a

positive image.

3. If you want to always have plenty to say to co-workers

and your employer, keep up to date on the latest

developments in your particular field.

Read trade magazines, company literature, and search web

sites. Having the ability to hold an intelligent

conversation about your line of work will make you

invaluable in your company and allow you to communicate


Be discreet and professional in your conversations with

other employees. No supervisor will begrudge you a few

moments of small talk now and then, but constant chatting

and talking across the room to others is distracting and


Chat for a few minutes when your workload allows, but keep

it quiet and courteous.

4. Courtesy, genuine interest, and a little preparation

will give you an advantage in your ability to converse with


Make a mental note of things of interest that can be used

to start a conversation and give you an edge in the


Current events, local politics, and the activities of

others will always make good conversation starters whether

at home or at the office.

Conversational tips include common courtesy, a positive

attitude, and a little planning. If you observe a few

simple rules, your communication skills will improve


These conversation tips should be enough to get you started

down the path of successful communication. The ability to

carry on a conversation with very little effort is a

learned skill that comes easier to some than others.

If you need to improve your conversational skills, practice

these tips each day and pretty soon they will be habits

that come naturally.

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